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quick point. one is very interesting role the paul ryan will play from this point on. paul ryan was simultaneously a loser and a winner on tuesday night. a winner because he won his house seat, a loser for the obvious reason but also for a couple of additional ones. it's kind of embarrassing when you put on the ticket and you can't carry your own state. but also his percentage and his own district went down significantly. at the same time there is no question that paul ryan, it was a national figure but far more recognized by those of us in the intellectual world and the cometary and then by others. paul, you go, could've walked through any airport outside of wisconsin or washington in america and might well have gone unnoticed. now obviously he is a significant national figure and include one in the mix for 2016. but he's in the next four that kind of conservative community that has dominated the primary and caucus process before. and going along with these kinds of compromises that include tax increases as part of a package, he comes a little trickier for him. and it also beco
. he is paul ryan's foil in on the budget committee in the house. again, a very young sort of take charge, charismatic leader, raised a lot of money. he ran the democratic congressional campaign committee for two cycles, so he has a lot of pull within the caucus. it's complicated a little bit by the fact that he and hoyer are friends, and they both represent the same state, they've run within the same circles. van hollen was the assistant to the speaker in nancy pelosi's last term as speaker, so that seems to be the surface that bubbles to the top as well. debbie wasserman schultz, the democratic committee chairwoman. nobody does that job for too long. she is looking for a way into leadership, but right now i hesitate to use terms like the smart money, but the smart money seems to be if pelosi wants to anoint a successor or get behind somebody, it would be van hollen. >> thank you. so that shakespearean drama makes what's going on in the senate look tame by comparison. what's going on if. >> i think it is pretty tame. obviously, with the senators adding two seats, harry reid, chuck
a liberal perspective, say we need to do something as paul ryan has proposed with the entitlement system? >> we have done that. i realize conservatives don't accept that, but obamacare is deficit reduction. it's a little hard to quantify specifically because a lot of it's experimental, but most folks who look subjectively say the main drivers of deficit and debt is excessive health care spending. there's a way to constrain it that doesn't gut the system, that doesn't deny you health care that you need. the obamacare plan is let's try out a bunch of pilots and see what works best, and let's learn as we go. and so it strikes me as very short-sighted. even if you don't like it from the get go, look, i didn't like clinton's welfare reform at first. i was not onboard. but i wasn't out there in '96 saying repeal it. gave it a shot. and in some ways it worked better than i thought it would. and in some ways it doesn't. in some ways i think it could be improved. but it was good to try it. even if you're an opponent, because this deficit issue is so serious, this is arguably some of the best ways
did the vice presidential debate? the way she asked about reproductive choice to joe biden and paul ryan, the men running for vice president was about their faith. he kicked off a question about women's rights issue and reproductive health and health care by asking them about their faith. certainly within the women's movement because of the relationship the women's movement has had around abortion and contraception specifically with regard to the catholic church there's an enormous amount of incredibly progressive catholic organizations and feminist organizations they're very much a driving force in the women's movements of there's a little more prepared this there, no easy answer in terms of how to meet that conversation but the women's movement is that a little more practice through the years in understanding this is a place where we will continue to have to engage. >> i am a member of several communities, learning to get accustomed to the community, i am a little dated. when you look at -- i noticed that this election when it came to freedom to marry, it brought up a lot of the r
happened. i'll pour more salt in the wound. paul ryan said the reason we won is because we did tpwhell you shallen areas. we won his hometown by 24 points and he lost it by ten and it's not an you shallen area. so it's disturbing within eighty days there is that think about that gift to young people, latinos. gifts of contraception to women. so if that's your diagnosis, and it actually has eerie echoes of the 47%. so to the think of soul searching. governor romney is going off the stage. others who are going to be facing voters in 2014 and 2016 are going to be most prominent in deciding a direction. i think that would be concerning to anybody in the republican party is thinking how do we get more square with the country as it exists today. >> i think technology played an interesting role in both of those moments and perhaps others in the campaign. i'd love to hear you talk about this for a moment. for example, in a previous era the 47% tape might never have been made or might have only been an audio taped and leaked to the "new york times" or "washington post" or some other newspaper and e
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5